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It all started in 1976. As a pilot, Lance Hampel saw farms and animals from a different view. This unique perspective sparked an idea for innovative animal housing. His business, Hampel, was born.

Lance worked with animal raisers to challenge the status quo. Our team of engineers, designers and artists grew, while continually doing what hadn’t been done before in animal housing. As a result, we saw happier and healthier animals.

A few years ago, our quest for the ultimate chicken coop began. We talked with our friends. We scoured the internet. The perfect chicken coop simply didn’t exist.

We went after the impossible. We interviewed backyard chicken raisers and wrote down everything they loved about their coops and everything they wished their coop had. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Comfortable and protective. Climate controlled. Portable.

We went to the drawing board to create the perfect design for a plastic chicken coop, putting function over fashion and purpose over glitz. After months of adjustments and conversations with our favorite chicken keepers, our idea took shape. We believe we’ve come up with the ultimate plastic backyard chicken keeping essential.

We hope you and your flock agree.