We're Back!

Plastic Makes Perfect...Chicken coops, that is. And our one-of-a-kind coops are finally back in stock. When it comes down to it the difference is ultimately one that is easier, better and healthier for you and your chicks. Giving them much more than a hen house, but a home. That’s why we’re committed to making coops that are the easiest to clean and assemble, with the longest warranty in the industry.

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Durably Constructed. Thoughtfully Designed.

We considered every detail to keep you and your chickens happy, healthy and safe.

The Ultimate Difference

Easiest to Clean

Sturdy plastic construction and our industry-first flip-top clamshell design makes cleaning your plastic chicken coop fast and easy.

5-year Warranty

We guarantee our chicken coops for up to 5 years. (We heard that’s the longest warranty in the business.)

Easiest to Assemble

Forget phonebook-sized assembly manuals. Our simple chicken coop design requires only common household tools and less than 30 minutes to assemble.

4-8 Chickens

Plenty of room for your birds to nest, roost and roam

Building a Case for Plastic Chicken Coops

Easier to clean, lighter to move and more bacteria-resistant than wood, plastic chicken coops are the best choice for a low-maintenance chicken coop that can better prevent the spread of diseases like salmonella.

Let Your Birds Spread their Wings

Even urban chicken farmers can give their birds a spacious living arrangement with our line of stands, runs and converters for the Ultimate Chicken Coop.

Don’t Let Salmonella Move In

Plastic is the safest alternative to wood when it comes to coops. That’s why you can feel good about the health and safety of your feathered friends when you buy the Ultimate Chicken Coop. Traditional chicken coops are often built with parasite-harboring wood, but our coops are made of plastic to keep you and your chickens healthy. Making the Ultimate Chicken Coop the ultimate choice. Learn more about the difference plastic makes in chicken coop construction.