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The Chicken Coop Checklist | Hampel Ultimate Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop Checklist | Hampel Ultimate Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop Checklist 

Think about house hunting and all the planning and research that go into the big decision. You carefully evaluate every detail, from location and lighting to foundation and fixtures. While it may seem like a daunting task, it’s one that pays off when you finally find a place to call home.

Selecting the right chicken coop for your birds can seem like a challenge, too.

Should you build a chicken coop? Is wood the best option for your birds? Is a portable chicken coop right for your space?

To help make the decision easier, here are a few chicken coop considerations:

✔️ Easy to assemble

A chicken coop shouldn’t be a puzzle that takes many tools, complicated blue prints and days or weeks to put together. Take the stress out of coop building by getting a chicken coop that is easy and fast to assemble.

The Ultimate Chicken Coop takes only basic household tools to assemble in under 30 minutes.

✔️ Easy to clean 

Cleaning a chicken coop isn’t anyone’s favorite chore. Make cleaning a breeze by selecting a coop that allows you easy interior access. Many people resort to walk-in chicken coops for this reason, but even these coops will require getting on the ground and scrubbing floors.

The Ultimate Chicken Coop has an exclusive flip-top design, so the inside of the coop is easy to access and clean. Because it’s a plastic chicken coop, it’s easy to disinfect. Plus, it has a stand which elevates the whole coop so it’s easy to reach the floor and scrub without straining!

✔️ Easy bird access 

The best part of having chickens as pets is getting to interact with them, and sometimes that means reaching them while they’re inside the coop.

There are several easy-access options to get to your birds in the Ultimate Chicken Coop. If they are in the nesting boxes, just lift the nesting box latch to pet them. If they’re in the run, you can unlatch and remove the run cover. If you still can’t track down your favorite chicken, the flip-top design will expose the full inside of the coop so they can’t hide!

✔️ Easy to move 

Chicken coops don’t have to be stationary. In fact, your chickens would probably enjoy moving around the yard! Having a mobile chicken coop gives you the opportunity to have the chickens fertilize every patch of your yard.

The Ultimate Chicken Coop is built with lightweight, durable plastic, and can easily move around the yard with the wheel attachment.

✔️ Easy climate control

Temperature control and ventilation are critical considerations when choosing a chicken coop for your flock, since they can cause health problems. As the seasons change, you should be able to adjust ventilation to maintain bird health.

The Ultimate Chicken Coop has adjustable vents and removable floor trays to accommodate every season. The coop’s unique twin-sheet plastic materials also provide UV protection and insulation from extreme heat or cold.

✔️ Easy to rely on 

Any chicken coop you choose should be durable and predator proof, to give you some peace of mind that your chickens are safe and secure.

The Ultimate Chicken Coop is made of high-quality, recyclable plastic that can weather the worst conditions. The Ultimate Chicken Coop is also equipped to stand up to diligent predators with it’s strong, protective plastic, panel latches and steel wire framing.

✔️ Easy to grow 

Whether you’re just getting started with chickens or are an experienced backyard flock raiser, your flock may multiply quickly! Consider an expandable coop to accommodate a growing flock.

The Ultimate Chicken Coop can start as a brooder and grow with your chicks so they never have to leave home. When your adult flock is ready for expansion, so is the coop. With the Ultimate Chicken Coop, you can connect coops to each other to increase space for new birds.

Want to see your chickens’ new home? Check out the Hampel Ultimate Chicken Coop.